And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.
ACTS 2:46-27

Discipleship was the center of Jesus' ministry and it's the heart of everything we do at New City Church. That's why we champion our Discipleship Pathways:

The Master's Plan of Discipleship

We do not have a lot of traditional church programs at New City Church. We don't have a home repairs ministry, a men's ministry, a woman's ministry, a single's ministry, or a homeless ministry. These are all worthwhile causes, but approaching them in a traditional way always seems to compete with our primary mission - the one given to us by Jesus Himself - to make disciples.  We have found that when we model our efforts after Jesus' own ministry that people come together in the context of discipling relationships to meet one another's needs and to serve within the community alongside ministry partners.  If you would like to learn more about the vision for Discipleship at New City Church, we recommend two books: 

Missional Communities

Our primary Discipleship Pathway is the Missional Community. An MC is a small group that seeks to live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) together by demonstrating the gospel in tangible ways and proclaiming the gospel to one another and to those in the surrounding community. These groups are made up of regular people who are devoted to Jesus, to one another, and to their neighbors. An MC is a great place for newcomers to connect with people from New City Church. This is a place where you could invite your not-yet-believing neighbors to hear the gospel. 


Missional Communities typically meet once every week in someone's home. The curriculum varies from group to group, but there is no preparation needed beforehand - just show up. Some groups will share a meal together. Some groups offer childcare. Every group is open to people of both sexes and any age or stage of life. Regular attendance is the ideal, but MCs are designed to accommodate people and families who may miss from time to time because of other life commitments. 


The typical Missional Community meets weekly from September through May. We usually will have a couple of MCs that begin meeting through the summer as well. There's no need to sign up, but it's a good idea to give the leader of an MC a head's up before your first visit so you can be informed of location or time changes.  If you need help finding an MC, contact our MC Director, visit the Engagement Corner in the church lobby on Sunday mornings, or click the Discipleship button in the New City Church App.

Mike McAuliff

Missional Communities Director

Discipleship Groups

There is something truly exceptional about the in-depth, life-on-life kind of transformation that occurs within a committed discipleship group following the method modeled by Jesus.*  D-Groups are gender-specific and are closed to new members once they are formed. 


Discipleship groups typically meet every-other-week from September through May. These groups require a high level of commitment and a desire to be vulnerable and grow in Christ.  A typical group will ask you to commit to regular reading assignments, Scripture memory, and faithful attendance to all meetings unless providentially hindered. 

* Check out Robert Coleman's Master Plan of Evangelism to learn more about the heart of our Discipleship Groups. 

Find a D-Group

Discipleship Groups are typically formed over the summer months. If you are interested in being contacted by a Discipleship Group leader at that time, complete the interest form below. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Cohorts and Missional Communities to get connected. 

Megan Johnson

Discipleship Director


If MCs and D-Groups are the spine of our ministry, New City Cohorts are the ribs - coming alongside providing secondary structure and protection for the body. Some cohorts are ongoing - cycling through their content on a regular rhythm. Others meet for a short season (two to ten weeks). Still others are one offs. Cohorts tend to have a focus on a specific theme or issue. Depending on content, they are sometimes open to anyone, are sometimes gender-specific, and are sometimes issue specific. Often these groups meet at the church, but are also sometimes located in someone's home or out in the community. 


Each cohort has a different commitment expectation depending on its content and purpose.  

Find a Cohort

Different kinds of cohorts are offered throughout the year. Check out our cohorts calendar to see what is coming soon. Also, check out our regular ongoing cohorts below. 

Megan Johnson

Discipleship Director

Ongoing Cohorts

Compete in a variety of community leagues. (Men's, women's, & co-ed teams.)

Various Times

Various Locations

This is a group for men who are serious about striving for sexual purity. 

Thursdays at 7pm

At Peter Underwood's Home

This is a class for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Mondays at 6:30pm

At New City Church | Flex Room