Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

John 14:12

Greater Things: WATCH

GOD expects great things from New City.

By his grace, we find ourselves placed in a prime location at a key moment in the history of our city. As we effectively demonstrate and proclaim the gospel within our community, we will see God establish his Kingdom and witness his blessings spread out from New City Church to the City of Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, the State of Georgia, across the United States, and even to the ends of the Earth.

THE VISION is to focus on three keys to maximize our strategic position: to GO DEEPER into the lives of those in our church family and those in our city; to GO WIDER with care for those we find at the margins of our community; and to GO FURTHER with the next generation.


inside & outside

The first focus of the Greater Things initiative is to GO DEEPER into the lives of those in our church body and those in our community.

As we grow, the ability of our ordained officers to personally care for the spiritual needs of the church body is stretched. We will identify, equip, empower, and support those men and women within the body who are gifted (and called) to come alongside the elders and deacons as they provide Shepherding Care to the Church.

We can have a lasting impact on the needs of the communities around us by identifying, developing, and supporting ministry candidates. Through an ongoing residency program, we will invest in the lives of those who are called to minister both inside and outside the bounds of New City Church. It is our hope to begin with a resident who is specifically called to plant a reformed church within the Hispanic community in Gwinnett County.


Over Three Years

Church Planting$245,000
Other Residencies$51,000
Residency Leadership$25,000

Shepherding Care$45,000

TOTAL: $366,000


community engagement

The second focus of the Greater Things initiative is to GO WIDER with care for the people we find at the margins of our city.

We will increase our support of key ministry partners - the City, non-profits and parachurch ministries, schools, and other churches - who are already doing great things in the community. We will come alongside them by providing physical space for them to work, meet, or hold community events; through financial gifts; and by sharing with them the greatest resource we have - the body of Christ.

Through the purchase and renovation of the Chestnut Street Building, we will create a Center for City Flourishing that will offer classrooms, meeting rooms, and even an indoor multi-purpose gymnasium as a reliable community resource.

Our goal is to remain influential in our city for many years to come. A small land purchase next to the Chestnut Street Building will complete the square of land we own and position us well for long-term growth and stability.


Over Three Years

Ministry Partnerships$16,000


Long-Term Growth$62,000

TOTAL: $1,298,000


next generation

The third focus of the Greater Things initiative is to GO FURTHER with the next generation.

Researchers found that "Almost half of Millenials agree ... that it is wrong to share one's personal beliefs with someone of a different faith."* It is time for us to become proactive, rather than reactive, with our kids. We will reach them with the truth of the gospel before the world has a chance to consume them. It is easier to disciple the Word into our kids than to disciple the world out of them.

On Sundays, the Chestnut Street Building will belong to the next generation. Our thriving youth ministry will have a place of their own to connect and be discipled. Every child who comes to church will have a place in a New City Kids classroom without needing to pre-register.

The City is investing in college students through the College Corridor that connects Georgia Gwinnett College with Downtown Lawrenceville. New City Church will become a home-base for on-campus ministry at GGC and Gwinnett Tech.

*Barna Research I Alpha USA: Reviving Evangelism ©2019 Barna Group


Over Three Years

Youth/College Pastor$100,000
NCK Personnel$20,800
Kids & Youth Ministry$34,000


College Ministry$15,000

TOTAL: $219,800

the breakdown

DEEPER $366,000
WIDER $1,298,000
FURTHER $219,800
Admin & Misc $116,200


Yes. It has always been a part of our long-term plan to purchase the building behind us. God has been faithfully growing his Church and New City is already feeling the challenges of not having enough space. New City Kids is bursting at the seams, necessitating the need to have parents pre-register their children. We do not have any space to hold adult classes, youth activites, or private prayer while New City Kids is using the space. During the week, we are seeing ministries competing for available space.

If God is not guiding us in this direction, we want no part of it! We see the hand of God all over the Greater Things vision. He has provided us with an amazing opportunity to purchase a second facility at a below market price. He has made New City Church grow and thrive in the midst of a pandemic. He has granted us great favor with the City of Lawrenceville. He has led us to strong relationships with key ministry partners and more! The officers of New City Church have been prayerfully considering this project for awhile and are convinced this is the path forward. We ask that you prayerfully consider it as well.

God regularly provides for New City Church through your faithful giving of a tithe. This funds our operating budget: paying our staff, the costs of our facility, and our ministry expenses. We hope you will give generously to the Greater Things initiative, but only if you will do so over and above your regular giving.

We do not have a definitive completion date for the renovations. We have all our plans completed and we have our permits. If all goes according to schedule, we expect renovations to be completed by November of 2023. After that we will need to furnish the facility, so it could be early 2024.

The Session and Diaconate, in consultation with the church staff, architechtural experts, fundraising experts, and a member of our church who is experienced with projects such as this, have been developing this project. Ultimately the decisions are made by the Session (Pastor Ryan and the elders).

The initiative is already well underway. We still need your participation, so feel free to complete a commitment card today!

This is a decision that requires both prayer and careful consideration. Pray and ask God to lead you in this decision as you boldly consider your role and your gift.

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Ready to make a Commitment?

If you are ready to make a commitment to the Greater Things initiative, even if it is simply a commitment to pray, you can let us know by completing an online commitment card. Or stop by the Engagement Counter at New City Church and complete a physical card.