New City Church belongs to our children every bit as much as to the adults. In the Book of Acts, chapter 2, the Apostle Peter made it clear that children were to be a part of the Church when he preached his first sermon. He said that the promise (God's covenant with mankind) is for us and our children. God has always included children in his covenant and we do not see anything in Scripture that tells us this has changed.

Children of believers are a part of the Church from birth. They are entitled to the sacrament of baptism and to have pastors watch over them. This does not mean they are necessarily assured of salvation from birth. Like all Christians, they must profess a faith of their own in Jesus Christ in response to the gospel message.  While they are young, children are non-communing members of the Church. (This means they do not partake in the Lord's Supper because Scripture warns us not to partake unless we have first examined ourselves.) Once children are able to articulate their understanding of the gospel and demonstrate an ability to examine themselves, they can become communing members of the Church.  At New City Church, we call our members Covenant Partners because we are all on mission together.

When determining if your child is ready to become a Covenant Partner you should consider four things:

1. Is your child demonstrating (without influence from you or others) a genuine interest in becoming a part of Christ's Church?
2. Does your child know the gospel?
3. Does your child believe the gospel?
4. Can your child articulate their understanding of the gospel to others?

Every child is different. If your child does not yet meet all of these criteria - take heart - this does not mean that they are not saved. The only thing that is required for salvation is genuine belief in Jesus Christ. Saving faith is a gift given to us by God, and is not a result of good works. Nowhere in Scripture is it required that a person be able to share the gospel to be saved. Pushing your child to become a Covenant Partner before they are able to articulate their own desire and faith will not bring them closer to Jesus. God draws us to himself in his own time.

When you discern that your child is ready, we offer the Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class for children from ages 10 through Middle School.  (We occasionally have younger children take this class, but the material is fairly advanced.) For those in High School, we recommend they go through the adult Covenant Partnership process. No matter the age or stage of your child, if they are interested in becoming a Covenant Partner, the first step is completing the form below:

Student Information

Parent Guardian Information