Covenant Partnership

The meaning of the word membership has become diluted by the sheer number of things that we can subscribe to these days. Every organization - whether it's a store, bank, service, clinic, team, or charity - offers us "membership" that entitles us to certain benefits and access. At New City Church, we believe that church membership is something deeper than merely joining an affinity-based club or subscribing to a service. Our vision is to live as the family of God, together proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel of grace to one another and our city. We consider our members to be family - sisters and brothers who partner with us - bound together in the covenant of grace extended to us by the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ, as we pursue a common mission: to make, mature, and multiply responsible disciple-makers.  In short - we see our members as partners in our covenant mission: COVENANT PARTNERS.

The Path to Covenant Partnership

Pastor's Coffee

Come and visit with Pastor Ryan and Megan for a time of dessert and coffee. Hear the story of New City Church and we'll explain more about what it means to be a part of our church family.

Class One

The first covenant partnership class focuses on the vision, mission, and values of New City Church. We'll also explain about some of our distinctives and core beliefs.

Class Two

The second class focuses on the commitment between you and the church. You will also meet members of our ministry teams. 

Elder Meeting

Once you decide to become a covenant partner, you will meet with a couple of our elders who will listen to the story of how you came to know Jesus.

Erica Choi

If you are interested in getting on the path to Covenant Partnership, reach out to our Engagement Director, Erica Choi.